Move Bind DNS config to Route53 CloudFormations

I have started migrate our bind server into AWS and Route53. We have all our config as code so to migrate over our DNS I needed to convert our bind Zone files into Route53 Cloudformations. I found that one of our ZONE files was big so i wrote a small Python script in docker that converts zone files into route53… Read more →

Local Developing for Google Cloud

I have now starting to move all my hosting and code to the Google cloud platform. But when i developing new things i want to use the power and flexibility that the platform gives me but i want to develop local. So for my new project with using Datastore and the python app engine. I have set up a docker-compose… Read more →

Recover SQL innodb Database

How to recover an SQL innodb db with docker. When I moved this wordpress to it new hosting a did not have any good backup of the db. And i only got the mysql files from /var/lib/mysql.   So to get the site back without to much work I want to see if I could get the sql files mounted into… Read more →

Alexa and Jenkins (Docker)

So I have an Alexa echo dot at home. Use it to control stuff but I wanted it to do more like release and deploy the stuff I build. This is how you can integrate Alexa voice service with Jenkins. First setup the server For receiving commands from Alexa and sending them to Jenkins we need a server and some code.… Read more →

ddclient for loopia in Docker

So i uses as my dns provider. And a also have some dns for my home but it always change ip (have dynamic ip home )   So for fixing this i build a docker images that updates my loopia server from the docker images. So i if you are using loopia i but this is the best way… Read more →

Nginx with TLS (Handel certs in Docker)

I use alot of nginx with tls. And almost ll of my docker are public. So how do i solve the tls issues. Well i have done it like so in my docker file i generate ssl cert for nginx in a folder i called /etc/nginx/tls Then when i use my ngix in dev i get the generated certs.  … Read more →

WordPress multisite to wordpress singelsite (Easy linux)

So i hade to slip up my wordpress multisite to singel sites and it was not that hard when i found out how. First start with setting up the new wordpress and then we migrate over the old wordpress site into the new. 1. Setup the new wordpress site Install and setup the new wordpress site. You can run the… Read more →

Roll you own Docker Registry with nginx (In Docker)

When yor private numbers of docker images grow is time to setup you own private repo. Do have you own docker repo you need 1. the docker registry 2. nginx to handel users 3. tls so that all conenctions are encrypted. So here is what yu do to have you own docker repo running.     Install docker-compsoe and setup… Read more →

Maxscale Sql scaling with mariadb Cluster on Centos in Docker

So scaling sql server has now bean easy with mariadb maxscale. Here i uses it to connect to my mariadb cluster and setup two new servers. One is a loadbalanser and onw is a read/write splitter 1.First prep your mariadb servers with som users for you maxscale CREATE user ‘maxscale’@’%’ identified by ‘maxscaleW222’; GRANT SELECT ON mysql.user TO ‘maxscale’@’%’; GRANT… Read more →