Running Counter-strike 1.6 and CSGO in kubernetes !

Yee so it was a long time ago when I spend days playing counter strike 1.6. And now when i got some more power full servers and some time I was thinking of setting up a some counter-strike server for me and some friends so we can play. I have a nice kubernetes cluster in

Modsecurity 3 dos / scaraping protection Working !

Yess this is a brute force that work for modsecurity 3 and its not that many. Spent days searching the net and trying to find out how to get them working. First setup a devoloper box Start by cloning this repo i have it using the OWASP Modsecurity docker that i run is boxWARNING:

Filebeat => logstash => Elasticsearch and working modules

Setting up filbeat modules to work when you are uisng logstash to send logs over to elastic. So i started setting up filbeat to ship my mysql-slow.log and planned to use the filbeat module. The logs started flowing and after some time i got the logs into the correct index. But to my surprise the

WordPress + Gatsby = Love

I like the ide of using wordpress as a backend service and then use a static file genertor to fetch the data from wordpress and then generate static files. Its how this blog is now woring with firebase and google cloud. But before i started using firebase a build a small demo project to use

Openvas results to json and Elasticsearch and kibana

I have some openvas scanners running but to use the scanners a need the results as json files. Then i can use my ELK stack to visualize and have dashboards over the results from the scan. Before I used vulwisperer to export the result from openvas and to get them into elk. But from the

Send Openvas result to Kibana with vulwisperer

Vulwisperer is a tool to read the finding from a openvas scanner and to send them to a other tools. Here i want them to be sent to a elasticsearch and kibana. To do this i first need to start a openvas scan and get some results. – Then use vulwisperer to get the results

Nikto webbscanner for kubernetes (

I hope that you have already test my nmap scanners for kubernetes. Now its time for some more OWASP and webb scanner.Nikto is a webb application scanners and run against a target to verify its security. I have created a nikto docker and a helm job that deploys the nikto scanner into your kubernetes cluster.The

Nmap security scanner for kubernetes (

I have worked with many of the diffent scanners around i i have a hard time liking them. What a miss is a scanner that can be run fast and simple and that send it outut in JSON so I can load the data into my own kibana. For this i have created the project

WordPress static hosting with firebase and google cloud

Some time ago i started looking to move this wordpress blog into a static file blog system. So to find the best tool a started to test the different blog tools like jekyll and hugo. They all worked good but a found it hard to edit my blogs in static files and also to generate

Move Bind DNS config to Route53 CloudFormations

I have started migrate our bind server into AWS and Route53. We have all our config as code so to migrate over our DNS I needed to convert our bind Zone files into Route53 Cloudformations. I found that one of our ZONE files was big so i wrote a small Python script in docker that