Build you first syco Module

SO from the last post you can install syco but you also need to build and update your own plugins in syco.
Here is a small guide how to build you first plugin.

Here om building some syco commands for controlling apache and glassfish server.
the commands are run from our syco-chuck release commands center so for adding them to syco i can controll the script from sudo and do some extra test before starting and stopping the service.


In syco/bin/public create I new file called

Add some basic python rules

#!/usr/bin/env python
Sycp chuck commands to be translated to service commands.
The commands are then matched to syco-chuck release system.

__author__ = ""
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2014, The System Console project"
__maintainer__ = "Daniel Lindh"
__email__ = ""
__credits__ = ["Mattias Hemmingsson"]
__license__ = "???"
__version__ = "1.0.0"
__status__ = "Production"

from general import x

So now lets start making some functions

def build_commands(commands):
 commands.add("httpd-stop", httpd_stop, help="Stopping the apache webbserver.")

This will be our build commands http-stop is the command we will call from syco.
And httpd_stop is the function is this file that we want to run when we call the syco command. So lets make the function that we want to run.

def httpd_stop(args):
 Stopping the apache webbserver
 x("service httpd stop")

And now we have all the things we need and your first syco function is done

Run syco

[root@localhost ~]# syco

In the list now this show up

hardening-ssh - Hardening SSH server and client. 
httpd-stop - stopping httpd server. 
httpd-toggle-mod-sec - Turn mod security on or off.

and if we run

[root@localhost ~]# syco httpd-stop
 System Console 0.3.0
 Command: service httpd restart
 Error: httpd: okänd tjänst
[root@localhost ~]#

As you can se we run my small funtion and the x command is i common function that run the command in bash.
Now in this server i did not have httpd server installed but you see how it works.

Now fork and start making you own scripts