Nmap security scanner for kubernetes (samma.io)

I have worked with many of the diffent scanners around i i have a hard time liking them. What a miss is a scanner that can be run fast and simple and that send it outut in JSON so I can load the data into my own kibana.

For this i have created the project samma.io and the first scanner was the nmap scanner.

You can simply deploy the scanner with helm as a cronob. The nmap scanner will start tree different scanners into you cluster

  • TLS (Goes to you https port and get all the chiffers that are used) gret way to verify if you are using any old chifferns in your env
  • PORT SCAN The classic nmap port scan to get all openports in your env. Great way of verify that no bad ports are open
  • HTTP RECON get all the different webbservers you are using and what version they are

The nmap scanners will send all there output as JSON for you to use in your own dashboard.
For more info and to get started go to https://samma.io