Set Glassfish4 to production state

Ot work we are using Glassfish 4 for our applications. And to set glassfish for production there are some setting you need to set.
We are scripting our installation so our changes are done with the asadmin tool.
This is my reminder of the asadmin commands I run when setting glassfish4 into production state.


First lets delete some values that are default

asadmin delete-jvm-options -client
asadmin delete-jvm-options '-XX:MaxPermSize=192m
asadmin delete-jvm-options -Xmx512m

First setup that we are using an server and some memory values

asadmin create-jvm-options -server <-- We are on a server
asadmin create-jvm-options -Xmx2048m <-- max memory the server will use before swaping
asadmin create-jvm-options -Xms1024m <-- memory that will start on
asadmin create-jvm-options '-XX:MaxPermSize=1024m <-- extra memory


Set EJB setting

asadmin set configs.config.server-config.ejb-container.ejb-timer-service.max-redeliveries=300"
asadmin set configs.config.server-config.ejb-container.ejb-timer-service.redelivery-interval-internal-in-millis=300000

Loggin settings

asadmin set-log-attributes com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.SyslogHandler.useSystemLogging=true
asadmin set-log-attributes --target server-config com.sun.enterprise.server.logging.GFFileHandler.formatter=ulf

Turn off autodeploy

asadmin set server.admin-service.das-config.autodeploy-enabled=false
asadmin set server.admin-service.das-config.dynamic-reload-enabled=false

This is my first basic changes to the glassfish4 server before production. Any more settings you think i should add ?