Rolling back Andrioid on your Nexus 4 after Ubuntu

So i had to roll back to andriod. ubunut is not realy ready for my phone.
So this is how you do.

1. download you andriod images from here

Download and untar in nice folder.

2. Connect with USB to phone and power it on (Booting to ubuntu is ok)


adb reboot-bootloader

This will make the phone go into boot image.


3. Install andriod

in the folder that the downloadin andriod image is in run

sudo ./


4. All Done

So now you have you phone back to running andriod. You can look down the boot images but i did not 🙂


2013-11-04 10.33.26
2013-11-04 10.37.16
2013-11-04 10.36.11