Dyndns to loopia.se to update you domain dynamic

So many of my dominas I have registered on loopia.se. And they have dyndns support so I can create a subdomain to my domian. And have it updated when my laptop ore home ip changes.

This make the task of connecting back to my home server easy.

First install the dyndns clinet on you host here I’m installing it on my Centos 6 server with EPEL REPO installed


yum install ddclient


Open the file

vi ddclient.conf


Find the sections starting with #loopia


Uncomment the values and ad you username that will be you domain, Add your password and the domain you want to update.

Same the file and


/etc/init.d/ddclient restart
chkconfig ddclient on


tail you log to see


Jul  6 21:28:26 home ddclient[23784]: WARNING:  updating home.ollebo.com: nochg: No update required;

and now you can always find you way back home