Open Webbmail RainLoop installation and setup

So I have testet so many differnt webbbased email programs. And have not been 100% happy with any of them. some are to big other look really bad.

(Rainloop is open for non profit companies 🙂 )

But now i found one that I hope i can like some boor Rainloop
It looks nice and are realy easy to install and setup.

Here is how I installe if for my domain.

First gp to the directory where you want the rainloop folder

cd /var/www/html
mkdir webmail
cd webmail

Get the code and deps it will install in the folder you are in! (Youd dont get a folder raindloop with the stuff)

curl -s | php

So now you have it setup surf into you folder mine is on


You should now see the login page

Go to the admin page witch is on this url


login with user admin password 12345

First change you admin password

Add you domain to the domain list. And i deleted the other domains.
Setup the settings to you own imap and smtp server.

Set uner general you domain to the default so you dont have to add @domain when you login.

Enable contact in the Contacts tab

So all done now start using an webmail service that looks good.