vmware to kvm (OWASP broken webb app on KVM)

So I uses kvm for my virtual server. But i got OWASP broken webb app in vmware format and its not ok.
But with the help from google i found some help to get the OWASP Broken Webb App on my kvm hosts.

I follewed the info from this page





1. Download and unzip Owasp Broken Webb app to you folder (It uses 7zip for some reason)


2. Convert you images in two steeps

qemu-img convert OWASP\ Broken\ Web\ Apps.vmdk -O qcow2 owasp.qemu

qemu-img convert owasp.qemu -O qcow2 owasp2.qemu

3. start the kvm hosts

kvm -hda owasp2.qemu -net nic -net user -m 512



And now you owasp images will boot up in kvm 🙂