Testing OSSEC / Syslog auth

Im runing and PCI DSS Level 1 system. And during our PCI Audit i have to provide evidence that our monitoring system (OSSEC) can log logins that fails.
So or testing this and to provide evidence for our audit I made a small python script.

the Scripts tries to login to th host specified in and text field and tries to run an command on them. (You can alter this to the correct username / password and then run commands on all server)


#!/usr/bin/env python
# Script for testing ossec logs.
# tries to loggin on server widh wrong password 
# that will generat en log on the host sent to ossec and then
# ossec will alert on the login attempt
import paramiko
def ssh_in(host):
 ssh in to host with user and pass
ssh = paramiko.SSHClient()
 ssh.connect(hostname=host, username='HACKER', password='XXXX')
 ssh_stdin, ssh_stdout, ssh_stderr = ssh.exec_command('df -h')
 print ssh_stdout.readlines()
 except Exception, e:
 print "Error"
f = open('hosts.txt')
for line in iter(f):
 line = line.replace('\n','')
 host = line.split(' ')
 print "SSH into host"+host[0]

The script then need an file that gives the script the ip to use.


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