Installing PfSense on Clavister

After we change our server location and install some new servers and firewalls (Firewall now in centos with iptables) we got one Clavister over.

We needed a new firewall in our office but did not want to use the Clavister firewall software so we decided to see if we could get PfSense running on the hardware.

We open the Clvister up and made some hardware changes to it.
Incresning the memeory from 512mb to 2g. And removing the 1g flash card and installing and 320g sata hard drive.

Then we could connect and monitor and an usb keybord the the old clavister and start trying to install.
First I tried from installing form usb cdrom and usb drive. But I only got mounting problems.

So for sorting this I set up a close by computer and attaced the sata cdrom from that computer into the Clavister. (Clavister had only one power and i used that for the sata hardrive)

And now the installation of pfsense on the Clavister Firewall worked.

So at the moment PfSense is running and we are setting up the pfsens to work in our system.
It always feel good to get old hardware back to life.


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