Extracting HP-Switch running config

Every so othen I have to extract my running-config from my hp switches. And put them under OSSEC file monitoring. And to verify so that no changes has bean done to the original running-config.

So here is an small script for extracting my running-config and mf5 check that they are the same as my standard config.


Make you own changes to the script to work in you system 🙂

# Getting hp switch running config
# Store the switch under folder monitored by ossec
# Mattias Hemmingsson matte@elino.se
DATE=$(date +%Y-%m-%d)
scp $USER@ hall1-switch-$DATE.conf
scp $USER@ hall2-switch-$DATE.conf
#md5sum of standard and new
md5sum hall1-standard.conf
md5sum hall1-switch-$DATE.conf
md5sum hall2-standard.conf
md5sum hall2-switch-$DATE.conf


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