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Foreman provision to bare and libvirtd (Centos7, foreman, libvirtd, KVM)

So I have started to play around with foreman and to get it to provision my diffrent servers. I started by starting up some local virtual servers on my laptop and played around with them. The flow is i started installing foreman as a virtual server. Then i provisin a new virtual server as bare matal (I created a virtual… Read more →

Installing Go build server on centos 7

Installing the go build server in centos 7 with some easy step     1. First head over to the go page and have a look around 2. Download go server to you centos box   wget wget 3. Install it First start by adding the go user (something broken in install) useradd go Now run yum localinstall… Read more →

Hosting you private docker repo

We are staring using docker in our developing process. and in that we need to have our own docker repo for hosting our private docker. The path is [public docker cloud(centos img)] –public docker image- > [jenkins build our code and docker img] —> our docker images —> [private docker repo]–our docker image->[Servers [int,qa,prod]   1. Setting up the docker… Read more →

Getting django docker prod ready with jenkins (part 1 the build)

So i have some django webb projects and now its time to get my django apps prod ready with docker. My plan is to with jenkins build my django apps (soon start a docker of the app and run some test but that will be later) make a docker image and send that to the docker cloud. Then a can… Read more →

Installing Openstack Centos 7

Time to install Openstack on an Centos 7 server. This was my first meeting with Openstack and it took some time for gettings things up. This would be a beginners guide to get you first server up and running. I followed this page in my installation   My Openstack server has one NIC connect to my DMZ network… Read more →

Installing Jenkins on Centos 7

So guide how to get jenkins up and running on centos 7 1. First install it ! yum install -y wget sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/jenkins.repo sudo rpm –import sudo yum install jenkins   2. Install java sudo yum install java-1.7.0-openjdk   3. Open firewall   firewall-cmd –zone=public –add-port=8080/tcp –permanent firewall-cmd –reload systemctl enable firewalld systemctl start firewalld systemctl… Read more →

Dyndns to to update you domain dynamic

So many of my dominas I have registered on And they have dyndns support so I can create a subdomain to my domian. And have it updated when my laptop ore home ip changes. This make the task of connecting back to my home server easy. First install the dyndns clinet on you host here I’m installing it on… Read more →

Install Pandora fms monitoring system on Centos

So for many years i use nagios to monitor my server and now im would say i can handle nagios config files good. But I fund pandora fms monitoring and this i must try. From the pandora console its mutch easy to from the webbrowser setup new task and tweek task so you alarms realy are correct. Doing this in… Read more →

Open Webbmail RainLoop installation and setup

So I have testet so many differnt webbbased email programs. And have not been 100% happy with any of them. some are to big other look really bad. (Rainloop is open for non profit companies 🙂 ) But now i found one that I hope i can like some boor Rainloop It looks nice and are realy easy to install… Read more →

Protecting you web with ModSecurity On Centos

So it you worry about you webb then modsecurity is rely nice to have on your webbserver. I have it installed on my apache server with the regular rules from OWAS and also some rules for my own sites. But here is also how to install it.   1. Download and build modsec on your server Add some packages yum… Read more →

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