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Mesos cluster with Marathon running Docker

Hi So for hosting docker in large scale i have tested mesos cluster.  Here is a guide for setting up 3 nodes in mesos running Centos 7. And the adding Marathon to controll the dockers running. The network mesos-master mesos-slave1 mesos-slave2   The node also have on nic connect to the network with internet access.   Security… Read more →

Python DOS protection (iptables,dos)

here are a small script I use to have some sort of dos protection on my webservers.   import subprocess whitelist=[‘’] blockvalue=2 alertvalue=1 proc = subprocess.Popen(“netstat -ntu | awk ‘{print $5}’ | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n”, shell=True,stdout=subprocess.PIPE) running = runing_sorted = running.split(‘\n’) for r in runing_sorted: con =r.split() if len(con) ==2: #If… Read more →

Foreman provision to bare and libvirtd (Centos7, foreman, libvirtd, KVM)

So I have started to play around with foreman and to get it to provision my diffrent servers. I started by starting up some local virtual servers on my laptop and played around with them. The flow is i started installing foreman as a virtual server. Then i provisin a new virtual server as bare matal (I created a virtual… Read more →

vmware to kvm (OWASP broken webb app on KVM)

So I uses kvm for my virtual server. But i got OWASP broken webb app in vmware format and its not ok. But with the help from google i found some help to get the OWASP Broken Webb App on my kvm hosts. I follewed the info from this page     1. Download and unzip Owasp Broken… Read more →

OAuth2 Server on Python (with flask on Centos)

So at work we have started to look at OAuth2 for our web apps. So on our creativ friday today i started looking at putting together an OAuth2 server using python and flask. I followed the guide from this page And after some work I got an working server and client running on my Centos server. The code only uses… Read more →

Install Pandora fms monitoring system on Centos

So for many years i use nagios to monitor my server and now im would say i can handle nagios config files good. But I fund pandora fms monitoring and this i must try. From the pandora console its mutch easy to from the webbrowser setup new task and tweek task so you alarms realy are correct. Doing this in… Read more →

Protecting you web with ModSecurity On Centos

So it you worry about you webb then modsecurity is rely nice to have on your webbserver. I have it installed on my apache server with the regular rules from OWAS and also some rules for my own sites. But here is also how to install it.   1. Download and build modsec on your server Add some packages yum… Read more →

Build you first syco Module

SO from the last post you can install syco but you also need to build and update your own plugins in syco. Here is a small guide how to build you first plugin. Here om building some syco commands for controlling apache and glassfish server. the commands are run from our syco-chuck release commands center so for adding them to… Read more →

Setup SYCO on you centos box

So if you care about security and stability you must have syco installed on your server. Read more about syco on the github project Im staring to use syco not only production but also on my “Own” server. So more of you should really start using it and here is i guide for you to start using syco 1. Installing… Read more →

Blocking unwanted traffic (ddos,scrapers) Apache, Iptables

So spent last evning blocking ip comming from packetflip to our server. Looks in our Apache access log that there was some evil scraping going on so we started blocking. But its not that funny to block many ip manually so time for some scripts.   First some info to use  Packetflip user agent was Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0;… Read more →

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