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Alexa and Jenkins (Docker)

So I have an Alexa echo dot at home. Use it to control stuff but I wanted it to do more like release and deploy the stuff I build. This is how you can integrate Alexa voice service with Jenkins. First setup the server For receiving commands from Alexa and sending them to Jenkins we need a server and some code.… Read more →

Autodeploy you docker images to AWS (git push = deploy)

So I have a lot of small project and some large. To buil in quality into my code i need to run test in my code. And my code in a prod like env. I always uses docker so my dev env are verly like my prod. One key thing that i do is that when i push code to… Read more →

Python3 and rabbitmq

Im using rabbitmq in some of my python apps. Here is a small guide to get pyton3 to send and recive data from rabbitmq   I uses the code from And read some guide from from 2009 !!!!   Get the pip you need to connect sudo pip3 install amqp     My python code for sending and reciving… Read more →

Setup SPI on Raspberry pi (mcp3008, Adafruit)

Im building my own watering system and to that I will have some sensores.. They are connected to my pi over SFI and a mcp3008 from Adafruit.   The gear   Setup the cables Use this guide and se how the you should connect the mcp3008 and the sensore.   Get the Pi ready  … Read more →

OAuth2 Server on Python (with flask on Centos)

So at work we have started to look at OAuth2 for our web apps. So on our creativ friday today i started looking at putting together an OAuth2 server using python and flask. I followed the guide from this page And after some work I got an working server and client running on my Centos server. The code only uses… Read more →

Recover you python files from rm -rf *

So after cleaning up my work i run rm -rf * in the woring folder. Deleting all my work!. After fighting holding back some tears I set down and start see if i could recover my lost work. First recover you file from the filesystem and my laptop is an ubuntu desktop sudo apt-get install extundelete Then its time to… Read more →

Build you first syco Module

SO from the last post you can install syco but you also need to build and update your own plugins in syco. Here is a small guide how to build you first plugin. Here om building some syco commands for controlling apache and glassfish server. the commands are run from our syco-chuck release commands center so for adding them to… Read more →

Setup SYCO on you centos box

So if you care about security and stability you must have syco installed on your server. Read more about syco on the github project Im staring to use syco not only production but also on my “Own” server. So more of you should really start using it and here is i guide for you to start using syco 1. Installing… Read more →

Installing Asylguiden on centos Server

One of my own prodjects are Asylguiden. Its A python publish system build with django, Mysql and mongodb. You can find the code here on github Asylguiden also works with wsgi for python and apache for displaying content here is my own how to for downloadning and setting up asylguiden on a production server. 1. Setting up server for… Read more →

ejabber users from postfixadmin (python,mysql,md5crypt)

So Im running my emails with postfix and have postfix admin to manager my users and domains. But now it should be nice to have i jabber server running and to have the same user and password for both email and jabber. Ejabber support custom auth plugins and with some python i now have a working plugin.   First install… Read more →

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