Month: March 2014

Install Pandora fms monitoring system on Centos

So for many years i use nagios to monitor my server and now im would say i can handle nagios config files good. But I fund pandora fms monitoring and this i must try. From the pandora console its mutch easy to from the webbrowser setup new task and tweek task so you alarms realy are correct. Doing this in… Read more →

Pimcore Opensource online marketers dream install on Centos 6

For my elinodrift project I was searching for a online tool for handle online marketers. So I ended up with Pimcore for my service. Here is a small guide to install Pimcore on my Centos 6 server. First have install apache, Php and mysql on the server. I installed it on my webbserver so the server was pretty well configured.… Read more →

Open Webbmail RainLoop installation and setup

So I have testet so many differnt webbbased email programs. And have not been 100% happy with any of them. some are to big other look really bad. (Rainloop is open for non profit companies 🙂 ) But now i found one that I hope i can like some boor Rainloop It looks nice and are realy easy to install… Read more →

Protecting you web with ModSecurity On Centos

So it you worry about you webb then modsecurity is rely nice to have on your webbserver. I have it installed on my apache server with the regular rules from OWAS and also some rules for my own sites. But here is also how to install it.   1. Download and build modsec on your server Add some packages yum… Read more →

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