Month: February 2014

Install Elasticsearch, Kibana 4 , fluentd (Opensource splunk) with syslog clients

So used splunk some times but it has its limit (money) so now Im testing 1. Java first install java on your server. Get java from here  yum localinstall jdk-8u25-linux-x64.rpm And install it on your server. 2. Elasticsearch Get it from here I installed the rpm and run yum localinstall elasticsearch-1.4.0.Beta1.noarch.rpm I hade to make some settings in this… Read more →

Installing and configure Munin Monitoring (Centos 6)

to get some performance data from my server i use Munin monitroing system. And here is i samm guide how to install and set up munin on the munin serer and on the munin client. First up is to setup the munin server yum install munin munin-node <– on server yum install munin-node <– on clients i install both the… Read more →

Centos syncing VPS (Moving between VPS)

So I have one vps on a company not that good so now I want to move my centos server to A new VPS server. But I dont want to install eveything from the start again. So here is how I move my service between the two hosts.   1. Syncing yum Copy over you repo files I hade rpm… Read more →

Build you first syco Module

SO from the last post you can install syco but you also need to build and update your own plugins in syco. Here is a small guide how to build you first plugin. Here om building some syco commands for controlling apache and glassfish server. the commands are run from our syco-chuck release commands center so for adding them to… Read more →

Setup SYCO on you centos box

So if you care about security and stability you must have syco installed on your server. Read more about syco on the github project Im staring to use syco not only production but also on my “Own” server. So more of you should really start using it and here is i guide for you to start using syco 1. Installing… Read more →

Installing Asylguiden on centos Server

One of my own prodjects are Asylguiden. Its A python publish system build with django, Mysql and mongodb. You can find the code here on github Asylguiden also works with wsgi for python and apache for displaying content here is my own how to for downloadning and setting up asylguiden on a production server. 1. Setting up server for… Read more →

Installing Plex Mediaserver Centos 6

So I use plex for my media and i have a small server running with my plex server on it. and here is how I install plex server on my home centos server. This guide will work on several Linux dist 1. Grab latest plex server go to and choose the one best match for you system I got… Read more →

Blocking unwanted traffic (ddos,scrapers) Apache, Iptables

So spent last evning blocking ip comming from packetflip to our server. Looks in our Apache access log that there was some evil scraping going on so we started blocking. But its not that funny to block many ip manually so time for some scripts.   First some info to use  Packetflip user agent was Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0;… Read more →

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