Month: September 2013

Glassfish Monitoring with VisualVM

For monitoring Glassfish performance i use VisualVM. I have visual installed on my laptop and the connects using jmx to my glassfish servers to get server stats. This is only to get the current data and to se how mutch memory my apps are using and so on.   1. Download and start VisualVM Go here and download VisualVM… Read more →

Glassfish Asadmin commandon to remeber

here are som glassfish 4 asadmin commandon to remeber   asadmin –host –port 4848 enable-secure-admin Enabel so that you can use 4848 from external computer asadmin change-master-password –savemasterpassword=true Change you master password  (keystore access) asadmin change-admin-password Change you glassfish admin password to use asadmin and admin gui. asadmin login Store you password on disk so you can login without password asadmin create-jvm-options… Read more →

Set Glassfish4 to production state

Ot work we are using Glassfish 4 for our applications. And to set glassfish for production there are some setting you need to set. We are scripting our installation so our changes are done with the asadmin tool. This is my reminder of the asadmin commands I run when setting glassfish4 into production state.   First lets delete some values… Read more →

Install Crashplan on Raspberry Pi

For syncing my data to my raspberry i use bitsync but its even better to have the data on two locations as well. So for having my stuff safer i will try using crashplan Installing java for crashplan sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre libjna-java Download crashplan wget Run the installer cd CrashPlan-install/ ./ Follow the installar and press enter to… Read more →

Install Bitsync on Raspberry Pi

So today im using dropbox to sync all my stuff between devices. But now there are so much there so my free space is almost full. So now its time for me to move to bitsync an then sync all my devices. Install bitsync Go to folder /opt cd /opt Download bitsync wget “” unpack it chmod 700 btsync_arm.tar.gz tarr zxvf btsync_arm.tar.gz… Read more →

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