Month: July 2013

Install HA-Proxy for load-balansing on Centos

For load balasing my weebtraffic im setting up HA-proxy. The proxy recives reqest on one ip and then even loads the reqest between my web server nodes. First install and enable Epel repo yum install haproxy open the configfile /etc/haproxy/haproxt.cfg and ad to the buttom of the file listen http_web mode http balance roundrobin # Load Balancing algorithm option… Read more →

Install Heartbeat HA cluster on Centos

So the backbone of my webcluster i use Heartbeat to monitor the server performance. Heartbeat is setup to monitor the servers and to take actions if anything happens with some of the nodes. This guide is for migraing and ip addres from one node to the secondary of the first node goes down. Then i configure the other servers like… Read more →

Install puppet clinet on Centos 6

Setting up my puppet clinet in centos and then connect it to my puppetmaster. Enbling the puppet lab repository rpm -ivh Enabling EPEL repos rpm -Uvh   Install puppet client yum install puppet   make shore that you hostfile is ok /etc/hosts puppetmaster   Openup the file /etc/sysconfig/puppet and set # The puppetmaster… Read more →

Openvpn Fixed static ip for clients

When my cloud server connect to my openvpn server i need them to have the same ip addres. All the time this is so I can set up monitoring and alerts system. Internal DNS and puppet controll.   On the openvpn server ad this in you server.conf client-config-dir /etc/openvpn/ccd then create the folder /etc/openvpn/ccd   In that folder create an… Read more →

Openvpn generate clinet config and keys

On my openvpn server i have built an small script so i can create new clients certs easy. My server is and Ubuntu server and my openvpn server is set up from this guide. In the folder /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa i created he folder TEMP Then i used this script to create the clients #!/bin/bash echo “Enter name of server” read… Read more →

Set up Openvpn client on Centos 6.4

I often use Openvpn to connect my servers toghter over several cloud servers provider. This is my small how to for setting up the openvpn client. Install the openvpn server yum install wget wget rpm -Uvh epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm  yum install openvpn   Set up the Vpn client In /etc/openvpn extract you vpn config Save you openvpn config file as client.conf… Read more →

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