Month: June 2013

Install Glassfish4 and Java7 on Centos

An easy guide to get glassfish4 and java7 running on you centos 6 server. First install the java7 and get java working on your server. Then we download and setup glassfish4. Installing Java 7 Go to the java download page and get an version of java 7 jdk version. You must first download to you desktop and then copy the… Read more →

Openvpn on Raspberry Pi

So sommar is comming and I planning to be away as mutch as possible. But I need an door in to my server at home for some work. When Im of i only will have an 3g/4g connections so its mutch nicer to work against my server home at a stabel 100 line. So for making this possibel I install… Read more →

Installing PfSense on Clavister

After we change our server location and install some new servers and firewalls (Firewall now in centos with iptables) we got one Clavister over. We needed a new firewall in our office but did not want to use the Clavister firewall software so we decided to see if we could get PfSense running on the hardware. We open the Clvister up… Read more →

Extracting HP-Switch running config

Every so othen I have to extract my running-config from my hp switches. And put them under OSSEC file monitoring. And to verify so that no changes has bean done to the original running-config. So here is an small script for extracting my running-config and mf5 check that they are the same as my standard config.   Make you own… Read more →

SE Linux allowing Mysql Socket

So this morning my mysql server did not start properly. But when I disabled selinux the mysql server come back up. After some digging i found that we have linked the mysql folder /var/lib/mysql from the /var/log disk (its my syslog server and /var/log has all the disk) So for starting my mysql I hade to do some small changers.… Read more →

Django sending email

building and small webpage and in that page I want an small contact field. So my visitors (if any ) can contact me with an form input. So I made an small html template that has a very small form (No validation ) and then post the email and massages back to the view that send the email. small and simple and today work… Read more →

Testing OSSEC / Syslog auth

Im runing and PCI DSS Level 1 system. And during our PCI Audit i have to provide evidence that our monitoring system (OSSEC) can log logins that fails. So or testing this and to provide evidence for our audit I made a small python script. the Scripts tries to login to th host specified in and text field and tries… Read more →

DNS Verify new ns servers

The dns tester scripot lets you check so that you dns name are correct checking first used names today and then verify the names with you new DNS server. You will need an file of you doman names first to run in the script.   #!/usr/bin/env python import socket import dns.resolver #v=”yes” g_dns=”″ o_dns=”″ def test_dns(name,typ,v): print “===================================================================” try: answers… Read more →

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