Month: May 2013

Send logs to localsyslog (Apache,Mysql,Glassfish)

Adding you logfiles to an syslog server is an easy way to get all logs collected in one place. I Use to set all my service (apache,mysqlmmm) to log there logs to the local syslog server. Then I config the local syslog to send al its log to an central logserver. This way I get all my logs collected and… Read more →

SELINUX Allow rules

SELINUX Small guide to allow rules from the host in selinux. Look in you audit.log file to se what selinux is doing on you system. Allow rules from the log file. Install yum packages yum install policycoreutils-python Cat you audit log file into audit 2 allow to build rules. cat /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -M mailreplay Now audit2allow will show you… Read more →

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